Martin M. Rosskopf


Excuse me,


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Creative & Art Direction, Concept, On & Offline, Web, UX/UI, Motion Design, 2D/3D Visualisation, Virtual Reality, Film, Camera, Sound & Editing. 

I became an art director for 360 degree brand experiences. The last seven years i was in charge for some of well known automotive brands like Chevorlet, Cadillac, Hyundai and Opel.

You’re welcome to take a look in my Vita.

Furthermore i was responsible for the Deutsche Telekoms first virtual reality project in Barcelona, components of the relaunch of Zurichs new plattform or back in the days the whole brand communication of Rapidshare, the inventor of the first cloud system and one of the top leading websites worldwide.

With integrated campaigns, product and print design, applications, adaptive and responsive websites, add, tutorial and animation movies, i offer experiences in planning, conception and wireframing, 2 & 3D motion design, design thinking, atomic design, such as prototyping and development of advanced projects.

(Puh, that was long)

Working in a team and it’s support is the base of every successful project.

In short,



I’d like to be involved from the very first idea, but I also can help out during an ongoing process.


I invest a lot of heart in almost everything I do. Even when I have to take a detour.

Type addicted

From the very first minute, I have liked to play around with typography.

UX/UI Designer

A pixel is nothing without a strong concept to support it. Than it becomes magic.

Pixel lover

I love every single pixel on my screen. Especially when they are moving.

Graffiti artist

The greatest of the four elements.


Regardless of whether it’s a Playstation, PC, (Super) Nintendo or even on the Switch. Challenge me in FIFA or go on a hunt with me in World of Warcraft.


Addicted since the Oculus DK1, owner of a PSVR & HTC Vive.


I like to feel design thinking from the very first atom until the finished product.

Open minded

I love to meet new cultures and talk to human beings to reach new horizons.


I love pen, paper & canvas.


Every team needs to be one unit. Fighting Irish!

Technology driven

From Lego to computer chips. I built up my first PC when I was sixteen years old.

Strategy interested

It’s important to understand the strategy behind my concept.

Let's drop something together that matters.

Martin M. Rosskopf

Co-Founder of Kontor GbR

Founder of Post-Pictures

Visit my old portfolio